Conditions of Rental
DH Car Rental Mauritius Waterfall

DH Car Rental - Conditions

Car Hire Period

The car hire rates are divided into 3 main categories as follows: 3 - 5 days, 6 - 13 days and 14+ days. For car hire over 1 month, please contact us for a very special car hire deal.

Unlimited hire car mileage

The hired car comes with unlimited mileage every day! So when you hire with DH car rental, you don't have to worry about how much you drive. Just enjoy Mauritius with the hired car!

Drivers License and Passport

A valid Original Driving License (Mauritius or International) accompanied by a valid ID or Passport have to be presented at the time of booking of the hire car.

Reservation & Payment

A deposit of 600 Euros is required at the time of booking of the hire car. The deposit is fully refundable at the end of the hire period provided the petrol tank is full and no damage has been caused to the hire vehicle.

Petrol / Diesel

The hire vehicle must be returned at the end of the hiring period with the same level of fuel in the tank at the time of delivery, or the cost of refueling will be charged against your deposit.

Hire vehicle insurance

Hire cars are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy (All risks). In the unlikely event of an accident, the excess the hirer is responsible for the first 600 Euros (Compact, Sedan &  MiniVan) and 1000 Euros for Luxury car

Passenger Medical Insurance (Free)

This covers the passenger up to a sum of money in the unfortunate event of an accident.