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Kirsty T
United Kingdom
3rd April - 17th April 2010

We have been to Mauritius on two occasions. The first time we went we were unable to find a company that could provide us with a reasonably priced 6 seater, so ended up cramming in a smaller car (which was also rather dirty and noisy), and paid extra to transport our luggage. The second time I was lucky enough to stumble on DH Car Rental on the internet. I must admit I did send several emails to different companies asking if they could provide a car that would seat 2 adults and four children plus luggage. I chose DH Car Rental as they were very quick to reply, answered all my queries fully, and they had some very good reviews on Trip Advisor. After a very long trip from the UK, we were met by Denis at the airport. He was lovely, helping us with our luggage and taking us to the car which he had parked nearby. He gave us a full rundown on all the controls ect and we exchanged mobile numbers and so on. The car was exactly as described. Very clean and fairly new (good tyres, no dents etc etc). When we realised we would be stranded on Mauritius due to the volcanic ash cloud, DH Car Rental could not have been more helpful. We were able to keep the car for several more days, then Denis came and exchanged it for a cheaper car (the 6 seater was booked that week by someone else, and we had no idea how long we were to be stranded and wanted to keep costs down). When we did manage to secure a flight out, all at very short notice, Denis came and picked up our luggage and drove it to the airport for us. This company provides excellent service, at very competitive prices, the cars are all well maintained and you really feel that you are looked after. If we ever are lucky enough to go back to Mauritius, DH Car Rental will be the only car rental company I will call.

DH Car Rental Mauritius Pereybere

Tracy M.
United States
25th August - 14th September 2010

The experience I had with DH Car Rental was superb.  When you are renting a car from overseas in a country you do not know well, it is difficult to know where to turn.  The prices of the major, international car rental companies were well above what I hoped to pay for my three-week rental.  I did some exploring on the Internet and found DH Car Rentals along with some other local companies.  DH had the best prices and the owner got back to me instantly with a confirmed price.  This rapid service characterizes all of the dealings I had with the company.   I know they work hard because some of the questions I had were answered so promptly that I knew that they must be up very late at night working, given the time difference between the US and Mauritius.  The other companies seemed to take their time getting to me.  Still unsure about renting  from a company I did not know, I contacted the owner of the guesthouse where I would be staying.  I had established a nice rapport with his wife and trusted them. He assured me the DH was a good and honest company.  I felt good about keeping the money in Mauritius, rather than have an international chain make the profit.  

I had lived in Mauritius for a year back in 1994 and my first experience back in the country was with DH.  Denis picked me and my daughter up at the airport--nice having someone waiting for you after over 24 hours of travel.  He was so kind.  We had a great discussion on how the country and changed but the thing that really impressed me was that after talking about our love of dal puri (a local snack), he asked us if we wanted to try the "best dal puri in Mauritius."  Even after 24 hours of flight we were game.  He winded his way down a lot of back roads and soon we were at the little shop.  He refused our money in paying for the food and sodas.  He even bought us a large bag of fresh chapati-like bread that my daughter and I ate over  the next few days.  I was amazed at how he treated us just as if we were friends.  He clearly went out of his way in taking the time to give us this experience.  He also pointed out landmarks on the way so that we could navigate more easily when we were on our own.  This is important because I could not find a good detailed map the whole time I was in Mauritius.

Driving on the left after 24 hours travel was a feat.  The car worked great for the entire trip.  The car was a Hyundai Atos, a model I did not know in the US.  It was small and air-conditioned.  Small is good in Mauritius as you will be maneuvering around lots of stopped trucks and cars and the roads can be narrow.  It was was easy to drive and stored out giant suitcase for the trip to our guest house.

I would recommend DH to a friend and would use them again without a second thought.  Don't let the fact that you are dealing with a company you do not know keep you from using DH.  They are an honest, family run business and they have excellent customer service.  Your down payment is secure so you do not need to worry about giving them your credit card information.  DH will help you in any way they can. 

DH Car Rental Mauritius Pereybere

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DH Car Rental Mauritius Pereybere